Who Are The 3 Types of People Involved in Affiliate Marketing?

In your affiliate advertising and marketing journey, it’s very important to recognise that you’ll encounter 3 different groups of people. Knowing who they are is very critical because you’ll need to understand how to deal with them.

Each group is unique and poses its own form of challenge. By understanding how the different people in the groups will behave, you will be ideally prepared to handle them and be in their good books.
Let’s study at the groups now.

* The Publishers
The ‘publishers’ interact with affiliates just like you. These are the folks who create niche sites or run the YouTube channels or the Facebook groups. Even the affiliates using paid ads can be taken into consideration as publishers.

The maximum goal of publishers is to put out applicable content or ads that attract those who will click on those links and buy their affiliate products. The publishers are your ‘competition’ and you ought to watch them closely.

If you have got a niche site on fishing tips and guides, where you promote fishing-related products, the alternative sites that show up on the first page of the search results are your real competition. They could be affiliates or real brand name companies selling their products.

You’ll note that there may be an overlap here because affiliates can promote and sell their own products too. Let’s look at the next group to get a better picture.

* The Advertisers
The ‘advertisers’ refer to the companies that create the products you promote. They recruit affiliates like you to do the selling and they also advertise in their own right to reinforce their sales.

An affiliate who promotes other providers’ products but also creates his/her own products to sell, now finds themselves in the advertiser’s group. Similarly, the company that’s selling fishing rods and publishes lots of fishing tips and content on its official blog is now a publisher too.

So, the groups do often overlap. What’s crucial to understand is that while fellow publishers may be your competition, you can also network with them to sell their products if they’re vendors too. So, now your competition has become a mutually useful relationship.

Conversely, the vendor whose products you were promoting, might well end up ranking for the same keywords that you’re targeting, because their marketing is well researched and targeted. So, the vendor you were aiming to support, has now become your competitor too.

Alas, the tangled webs we weave! Generally, businesses try not to compete with their own affiliates. But if you see that the one you’re supporting is posing strong competition for you, you’ll need to reassess your marketing strategy and decide if you wish to still promote them.

* The Consumers
The group of buyers is without a doubt the most important of the three. The consumers are the people who come online looking for information and solutions to their problems. The majority of them don’t actually come looking to spend money or buy stuff.

They want assistance from someone. Your role as an affiliate marketer is to give them adequate information to assist them along the way and to whet their appetite for more information that will eventually solve their problems quicker and easier.

If you have a website around the subject of back pains, the content in your site could talk about the different causes of back pain and some natural remedies that could help. However, if they wish to bring much needed relief, you can mention that the special ‘Pain Away Pulse Massager’ has been shown to help many back-pain sufferers.

Now, not only has the visitor better information about his condition and has a variety of home remedies that he or she can try, but they have been subtly introduced to a product that brings much needed on the spot relief.

What do you think they’ll do?
Soak in that Epsom salt home tub which is a home remedy… or order the pulse massager to ease their pain rapidly?

Most of them will get the pulse massager. The content you present is a vehicle that not only helps them be informed better but also takes them through the invisible journey that they need to traverse to go from reader to ultimate buyer.
Understand the different types and profiles of the people who are involved in this affiliate marketing circle and you will be a deal wiser in your marketing efforts.

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