Niche Marketing Tips for Affiliates

Every marketer who is really worth his or her salt is aware of what the most popular niches are – weight reduction, pet care, creating wealth online, survival, child care, home improvements and sports such as golf and football are extremely profitable niches with billions being spent yearly. These gigantic sums are enough to make many affiliate associates salivate and need to take a chunk out of this pie for themselves

* Niching down
While you can make money in these niches, it’s imperative that you find a niche down at a level that you can compete in. For example, weight reduction or cosmetic surgery is just too competitive. As an affiliate, you’ll struggle to go up against the big boys who have masses of money and large budgets to spend on constructing websites, buying advertising and more.

In some cases, it’ll be virtually impossible to compete. But what if you targeted women’s weight loss? Now the market is smaller but it’s nonetheless too hard.

What if you niched even down further and went for weight loss for women above the age of 45 who also have diabetes? Now, you’re talking! This sub-area of interest could be much more workable to target, and you’ll be capable of finding many lengthy long-tail keywords that you can optimize your weblog posts for.

It’d be less complicated to rank for the lower hanging fruit and your marketing efforts might be much more streamlined and targetted. The fact of the matter is that the same products that are marketed to the overall weight loss audience can even work with the smaller but very important (to you) audience in the sub-niche.

It comes all the way down to how you angle your content material and show that the goods will help the reader in whatever they are looking for. If you can do that, your readers become valuable buyers.

* Questions to ask yourself
Before even selecting a niche, you’ll want to devise your attack. Is the opposition manageable or is it beyond you? Is there enough merchandise/products to promote? Will you be able to discover places where you might drive site traffic from?

All of these are very essential questions which you need to ask yourself before diving into a niche. Jumping in blindly will suggest wasting time and effort on a niche that’s both unprofitable or too competitive.

You’ll also need to go looking on Google or Bing to spot what sites show up for the key phrases that you’re targeting. Are there any affiliate sites in the same niche? If there are, you’ve got a good possibility as them of ranking. How properly optimized are their sites? Could you do better than them?
What’s their site visitors like? Are there advertisements being displayed on their sites? What products or merchandise are they promoting?

All these questions are answered by studying the results that you should be getting from your research before you even get started with your niche sites. By getting answers to them, you’ll be able to formulate an advertising and marketing method that will give you your best chance at succeeding in the fastest feasible time.

* Strategizing for success
Take notes while doing your research for easy reference later. Do not rely upon your memory. Try to bulk out your tasks. For example, when looking for affiliate products to promote, discover as many as you may at one time.

If you’re doing keyword research, spend a couple of afternoons compiling as many keywords that you can rank for. By batching your tasks, you’ll be much more extra productive in the long run. Once you begin promoting your offer, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

Study your niche before you start your affiliate marketing in it. The more time you spend ahead will give you a much better vision of how to proceed or indeed if you even should. This is something all experienced affiliates do. Now you understand it too. So, do it.


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