7 Steps to Optimize Your Affiliate Marketing

To succeed fully in affiliate marketing, you’ll need all the cogs in your affiliate marketing ‘gearbox machine’ to be perfectly lined up so that it runs smoothly and generates sales like clockwork.
In order to get to this stage, there are a few factors which you should be aware of. Make sure that they’re all optimized in order that your marketing efforts yield the greatest results. Get them wrong and you will end up in frustration and a loss of your valuable time, energy and money.

Let’s examine the 7 steps below.

1. Formulate a plan
If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Before even commencing on the content creation or purchasing a domain, you’ll need to evaluate whether your niche is worth targeting. or Is it overly competitive? Are there sufficient products to promote? Will you be targeting the relevant long-tail keywords?
You need to know your plan of assault and precisely what you’re going to do. That is your step one.

2. Research and reach
The second step is research. You need to do loads of research early on before diving into the niche. It’s a first-class plan to spend a week or two or more doing your thorough research. You’ll get a real feel for the niche and know just how far your reach will be.  Much better to be well-prepared than to begin unprepared.
If the niche you’re in has a tiny audience, your earning capacity will be limited by that fact. So while you can still try it, it will be inevitable that you reach the top of the income ceiling and you can’t seem to break through it. So, please be aware of this.

3. Traffic Generation
Traffic is vitally important to your success. The more targeted extra traffic you have, the more sales you’ll make. So, you will want to know where you’ll be driving traffic from and what you’re going to do with it. Focus a huge bite of your efforts on getting the proper targetted traffic to your website offers.

4. Content creation and marketing
No matter what affiliate product you’re offering, there could be some type of content creation involved. You may be writing informative blog posts or creating helpful infographics or just pinning relevant pics on Pinterest – whatever the case, it is all content creation and marketing advertisements.
People come online searching for information around their needs. They’re looking for content solutions. The higher the quality and the more engaging it is, the higher numbers of visitors you’ll attract and retain. Your aim should always be to help the visitor with their quest for answers. Try to avoid appearing like a greedy marketer who only hard sells and hypes products up for their own gain. It’ll just turn many people off and cost you too many sales.

5. Promoting
When you’re online, you have to promote your content. Actively submit your images in image sharing sites such as Instagram, share your videos in as of the video platforms as you can, get your content in front of as many crowds as you can, etc.
There are people on Pinterest who all love gardening. There are also people in Facebook groups who all love gardening. Let’s not forget all those people who subscribe to gardening channels on YouTube… because they all love gardening.
Guess what? Most of them are not on all 3 sites. The audiences will be different. So, by promoting your content on the many different platforms, you’ll reach extra people.

6. Analyzing
Analyze your traffic stats, your clicks,  your sales, your conversions, etc. Even if the numbers scare you at first glance, after a while, you’ll get a grip of things. Soon you will understand the numbers, you’ll understand a way to scale up your efforts and how to improve upon the winning strategies while cutting out the poorer performing ones.

7. Rinsing and repeating
Last however but not least, look at what’s working and keep on repeating your efforts. Rinse, lather and repeat. Consistency is everything and your repeated efforts multiplied through the months and years will bring about avalanches of sales.

Follow the 7 steps above and you will be a 5* affiliate marketer par excellence.

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